John M. Craig

John M. Craig
walleyBorn in Washington, D.C. in 1932, John M. Craig joined tthe U.S. Army at the age of 16 and served during the Korean War. His tour of duty included posts in the States, Europe and the Far East. Upon completion of his tour of duty he joined the Federal National Capital Park Service. In 1973 he moved to Portland, Oregon and began a successful landscaping business. He died in 2002.

Being a native Washingtonian, Mr. Craig was fully aware of discrimination. He attended D.C. public schools which were totally segregated. Although the curriculum included "Basic Black History", it was only during his military career that he came to appreciate the full meaning of discrimination as reflected by the far-reaching and flagrant discrimination employed by the military at that time. He became aware of the vital part that Blacks played in every war in which this country has engaged. Despite their outstanding service and record of achievment, Black soldiers faced constant prejudice and discrimination. As Mr. Craig learned more of our history, he wanted to share this information.

He co-founded the Baltimore Chapter of the Ninth and Tenth (Horse) Cavalry Assocaition "The Buffalo Soldiers" in 1995 which operates as an affiliate Of the National Ninth and Tenth (Horse) Cavalry Association "The Buffalo Soldiers". Our mission is to perpetuate the history of our accomplishments. Being a member of this organization allowed Mr. Craig to succeed in capturing the spirit of Black history and presenting it in a way that enlightens this important historical data.
His involvement with the Buffalo Soldiers represented a forum for Mr. Craig to talk about people, events. etc. that best describe the role and importance of this course of history. He underscored the uniqueness and historical significance of the lives of African-Americans and the nation as a whole.
Mr. Craig found great reward in his presentations to the many young people who had never had such exposure.

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